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This Halloween, Hannah Montana costumes will top the most wanted list among girls ages 4 to 14. As a parent, you’ll want to ask your daughter today what kind of Hannah Montana rockstar costume she wants. Pretend like it’s the Christmas season and purchase early if possible. Supplies of the costumes will sell out. Only the most prepared shoppers and shoppers in-the-know will get the best costumes at the best prices.

As you know by now, the rise of Hannah Montana has been meteoric. In two years, the show has attracted tens of millions of viewers and has made Miley Cyrus an instant star. Both young and young-at-heart viewers have been captivated by the premise of a “normal” small-town girl (Miley Stewart) from Tennessee living the secret life of a rockstar (Hannah Montana). The show has suddenly allowed preteen and young teens to instantly see their rockstar fantasies played out on television. So, who wouldn’t want to play make believe especially around Halloween?

When purchasing your costume, keep in mind that Hannah Montana wears a long blond wig. So, your daughter will want a long blond Hannah Montana wig with the appropriate bangs too. It’s the signature Hannah Montana look! Without it, your daughter is going to be disappointed.

Believe me.

Of course, every respectable rockstar has a rockin’ microphone. The easy route is to buy a plastic microphone to go with the Hannah Montana costume. But, making a microphone will save you some money and will be a fun project that you can work on with your daughter together. Here’s a suggestion to craft your own Hannah Montana microphone:

- Use a power cord of some non-operating electronic gizmo (good technical term) and cut it to about a foot to eighteen inches in length keeping the plug on one end. Safety note: Please don’t cut it while it’s still plugged into the wall socket!

- Take a tennis ball and punch a hole in it that’s big enough to insert the plug end of the power cord but small enough so that the plug won’t fall out. If the hole ends up being too big, just use some tape to keep the plug inside the tennis ball.

- Get a toilet paper tube and run the other end of the power cord through the tube. Tape the tube to the tennis ball as best you can. Or instead, you can also use a short piece of PVC pipe, if you have one around the house. If it’s small enough, try to poke it directly into the hole in the tennis ball.

- Cover the tennis ball in aluminum foil

- You could also put some fabric around the tube/pipe to give it a non-toilet-paper-tube-PVC-pipe feel.

You’ll have moms and dads green with envy on Halloween night when their Hannah Montana doesn’t have a cool, rockin’ microphone.

So, buy your Hannah Montana Halloween costume as soon as you can. Remember the wig and make the microphone. It’ll be the best of both worlds! Your daughter will remember this Halloween for a very long time.

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